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About Zoey's Selected Treasures

Today the world moves faster than ever. The feel and smell of an old book in hand, and the sound of a page turning have been replaced by pixels on a screen. There is nothing worse than the battery runs down just when you get to the good part. Dovetail drawers, beautiful craftsmanship, and wood grain inlay have been replaced by mass produced big box furniture. The joy of such things can be found at Zoey's Selected Treasures. We have searched for just the right eclectic combination of used books, antiques, classic collectables, vintage housewares, unique photography, and so much more.

We are open

Wednesday thru Sunday for 10 AM to 6 PM

By appointment only Monday and Tuesday 

We are always excited to partner with collectors.  We want to give each of our consignment vendors the time their treasures deserve.  We book hourly appointments to allow enough time to examine each item and agree upon a fair price.  We strongly suggest booking an appointment in advance to give us ample time and make the consignment experience enjoyable and hassle free.  We recommend choosing 5 or 6 items for your first appointment to make sure we can evaluate each piece properly.

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